Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Tradddddddddition, tradition!

A new family tradition has evolved over the past year or so. It involves the passing of a hideously pink flower planter, creatively filled with various carefully chosen yet ridiculously ugly items. This little gem travels between my Mom and her sister. Past planters have been filled with pink flamingos, neon fake flowers, fake spiders, solar lights, halloween decorations and anything ridiculous from the dollar store. Now this isn’t as simple as gifting the newly adorned pot back and forth. No, this pot always appears to the new owner as if by magic, often hidden in a crafty location. Locations have included being hidden deep into a backyard (actually across a river, this Canadian backyard is slightly more spacious than our ‘yard’ in London), high atop a dirt pile (which was taller than the house), adorning the entrance to my parent’s school or left at the cottage awaiting the owners return. This time I was roped in to take part. My aunt was out for the day, leaving her house unprotected from the stealthy pink pot.


This particular edition to the passing of the pink pot was seasonly themed, a ‘nest’ for the Easter bunny! Please note the dog barking inside the patio doors. Jazz was less than excited that I was outside ‘playing’ without him.

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